Current Portfolio


Mobile, AL – AccuReg provides hospitals with revenue cycle management solutions to automate major registration tasks and guides registrars in how much to collect from patients, what discounts or payment plans to offer, and how to resolve issues that will result in reimbursement denials or delays.

Hospice Partners of America

Birmingham, AL – Hospice Partners of America provides palliative medical care, social work services and spiritual support to end-of-life patients and their families. The company is led by executives with an extensive track record operating hospices. The company is building a national footprint in hospice care by growing existing operations and acquiring additional hospices.


Birmingham, AL – Hygia Health Services is an FDA-registered third-party reprocessor of medical devices formally considered “single-use only.” The first 3rd-party High-Level Disinfection (HLD) reprocessor, Hygia reduces a healthcare provider’s single-use medical device expenses and eliminates thousands of tons of landfill waste across the country each year.


Raleigh, NC – InMotionNow is a leading provider of workflow solutions and project management tools for enterprise creative and marketing teams. The company’s SaaS solutions enable businesses to better manage production workflows — from from initial request to final approval — and get creative content to market faster.


Atlanta, GA – Jvion delivers the healthcare industry’s only Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. This appliance renders ultra-definition views into individualized patient risk and the specific actions that will improve outcomes. Using Eigen-sphere technology, Jvion’s cognitive machine is enabling the most precise and effective care across the broadest spectrum of patients, platforms, and providers.


Birmingham, AL – ProctorU provides online proctoring services to the higher education, licensure, certification and pre-employment testing markets. Live proctors use webcams, screen-sharing technology, and proven identity verification techniques to monitor examinees taking tests from home, work or any other location.


Denver, CO – Rachio produces the Smart Sprinkler Controller that brings the smart home outdoors. Driven by intelligent, cloud-based software, Rachio analyzes recent and upcoming weather, humidity levels, soil types and lawn conditions. Rachio’s technology conserves water and saves users on their monthly water bill.

Strategix Medical Solutions

Huntsville, AL – Strategix Medical Solutions is a contract medical device manufacturer that offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for medical implants, instruments and tools. Strategix’s array of capabilities includes design, prototyping, machining and sterile packaging using state of the art technology and precision manufacturing processes.