Capital Gap

We recognize that each company has its own unique operating history and capital structure, and we work with entrepreneurs to craft investments which fit their capital needs. We focus on a traditionally underserved segment of the capital markets, a space we call the Capital Gap.

Angel investors typically participate in rounds smaller than $3 million, while many institutional funds look to invest at least $10 million.  In between, entrepreneurs are often forced to choose between raising too little capital or raising a round that is in excess of their current needs.  Because we manage our capital in small funds, we are focused on capital efficient companies. This aligns our economic interests and exit timeline with entrepreneurs and eliminates the pressure for a company to “take in more capital.”

Our typical investment size is between $4 and $10 million, with the potential to invest $10+ million in a single transaction through our partners. We are minority strategic and financial partners, not day-to-day operators. Our companies successfully leverage our resources when they pull us into strategic conversations.

We are privileged to work with a large group of talented executives.  Several of our current companies are led by teams from previous portfolio companies, while many of our portfolio company employees have worked with us on multiple ventures.

Our value proposition includes access to:

  • Experienced operators
  • A leading investor group, including 35 current or former industry CEOs
  • Blue chip industry contacts
  • Expertise in advising and mentoring management teams
  • Assistance with sales, executive recruiting and strategic planning

We invest primarily in SaaS, Healthcare and Tech-Enable Services companies. Learn more about our Investment Criteria.