About Us

Our senior team has been together since Eastside’s predecessor, Southeastern Technology Fund, was founded in 1998. Since then, we have led more than $250 million in equity investments in 70+ companies across seven funds. Along the way, we have developed a reputation as a valued source of capital with an extensive network of industry relationships. We have built and maintained strong ties with leading technology executives, industry thought-leaders and medical research centers, many of which have proven to be valuable resources for our portfolio companies.

Our approach to investing begins with people. Our experience has shown that honest, transparent relationships with high-integrity entrepreneurs have generated the greatest investment returns for entrepreneurs and our Limited Partners. Several of our current portfolio companies are led by management teams from previous portfolio companies, and we have had the privilege to back successful serial entrepreneurs for up to four consecutive ventures.

Relative to the industry standard, we manage our capital in small investment funds. This allows entrepreneurs to raise an amount of capital that corresponds with their needs, and it ensures that we we can actively manage our capital and add value to our companies. We are strategic partners, not day-to-day operators. We focus our attention on partnering with  teams to build capital-efficient companies, rather than making investments and quickly moving-on to the next deal. Additionally, our investment team is a significant investor in each of our funds.