Entrepreneur Stories

Gary YorkGary York

Founder:  Comframe, Emageon and Awarix

With three successful technology companies under his belt, Gary York’s track-record makes him one of the Southeast’s most respected technologists and serial entrepreneurs. His innovative solutions have enhanced routine outpatient healthcare, increased physician productivity and improved hospital profitability.  Read more…


GT LaBordeG.T. LaBorde

Founder:  MedMined

Every year, thousands of people pick up new infections while hospitalized. At best, these complications result in heightened clinical care and a scare for patients and their families. In other circumstances, the outcomes are less fortunate. G.T. LaBorde took an innovative technology and tackled the problem head-on.  Read more…


Bill RoarkBill Roark

Founder:  Torch Technologies

Bill Roark has spent his career focused on providing equity ownership to his employees. In 2011, he was able to fulfill an important commitment to himself and his employees, as Torch Technologies became 100% employee-owned.  Read more…