We focus our investment activity within industries where we have core competencies and where our Limited Partners and Operating Consultants can provide insight and operational assistance. While each of these sectors is large and growing, we isolate and focus on the highest growth verticals within each industry.

  • Healthcare – Our investment team has a strong track record founding, growing and investing in the healthcare space. Two members of our investment team have been CEOs of market leading healthcare companies. Our relationships with some of the nation’s largest health systems, IDNs, leading medical research centers, payers and academic thought-leaders have proven valuable to portfolio companies looking to expand their client base and create strategic partnerships.
  • Information Technology (IT) – Our team has substantial experience operating and investing in IT businesses. In addition, a large number of our Limited Partners are actively involved as executives in this sector. Within IT, we favor companies with a strong presence in the healthcare and financial services spaces, although we have been active in IT companies serving other markets.
  • Financial Services – Our investment team maintains an extensive network of operators, partners and other industry relationships within the financial services industry. Our limited partner network includes a number of leading financial institutions, Chief Executive Officers and other active investors in this arena.