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Accelarad Expands With

At RSNA 2009, Accelarad expands its new platform to provide universal access to medical images across the entire healthcare continuum through a single comprehensive web portal for hospitals, radiologists, physicians and patients.

A software-as-a-service solution (SaaS), utilizes innovative cloud computing architecture to store all client images on a centralized cluster of servers.  Authorized users upload and access appropriate files, independent of location and native imaging application, to manage and share data virtually, participating in a true SaaS experience. eliminates the problems of  LAN-based PACS storage silos and CD/DVD duplication, enabling unrelated authorized medical departments, enterprises and communities to share electronic images easily.  The platform safeguards and speeds data sharing with sophisticated built-in permissions, encryption and compression for image routing,  (we repeat this word a lot and I think routing implies sharing), viewing, and archiving without costly IT maintenance.  Workflow tools are incorporated for those who need to view, interpret or report on studies.

Radiology Groups

Using, radiologists benefit from universal worklists combining exams from multiple locations. The application can automate sophisticated offsite reading workflow, with radiologist receiving appropriate data for sub-specialty reading immediately and automatically.’s innovative CloudPACS™ image interpretation tool set includes sophisticated viewers for all imaging specialties as well as embedded dictation, transcription with voice recognition, template reporting and management reporting tools.  It also enables immediate viewing of prior exams acquired in multiple locations.

The Enterprise

Across the enterprise, supports image sharing among disparate departments and locations as well as provides access to images beyond the enterprise, meeting a crucial need in the OT, ER and other acute care settings.  Using the enhanced platform, hospitals can convert problems of  costly and cumbersome image exchange, CD handling and external physician image access into revenue-generating services.   This is all  accomplished without compromising the hospital PACS network or burdening IT.

Beyond the Enterprise

For clinicians and radiologists beyond the enterprise, enables full electronic access to patient imaging exams.  Likewise, using,  physicians can share images and collaborate with one another, access images on mobile devices and set up their own personal imaging inbox.


With, finally patients have control and mobility of the images that guide their care.  Through a single web portal they can store all prior and current imaging studies and facilitate image exchange among physicians.  Those with chronic or acute conditions no longer have to gather images from multiple providers to create a comprehensive image portfolio for current physicians.
“Accelarad introduced at HIMSS in February, primarily as a tool for patient image access,” explains Willie Tillery, CEO of Accelarad.  “We found, however, that the need for application, and location-free image viewing  exists across he entire continuum of care.  Easily and cost-effectively,’s cloud-computing infrastructure now meets this important need through our newly-expanded solution at RSNA 2009.”

Source: Accelarad