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Accelarad Introduces Unrivaled High-Speed Image Gateway

Atlanta, GA — Introducing a major breakthrough in DICOM data transmission technology,  Accelarad debuts its innovative Turbo Gateway™, which delivers images to and from a cloud-based image repository up to 300% faster than existing technologies.  Part of the product suite, Turbo Gateway™ overcomes the limitations of the DICOM transfer protocol to speed data over a conventional Internet connection, while continuing to support a standard interface with all PACS systems and imaging modalities.
“With cloud computing solutions continuing to gain wide scale adoption in the healthcare industry, it is crucial to ensure that performance remains competitive if not superior to the traditional on-site systems,” comments Arman Sharafshahi, president of Accelarad.  “This is especially true for medical imaging due to the inherently large datasets.  With this new breakthrough, we are ensuring superior data transfer speeds of our cloud-based solutions once and for all.”

Making this new, superior performance easily accessible to all medical facilities, the SeeMyRadiology Turbo Gateway™ is a compact, easy-to-install software, also available as an appliance, that connects directly to a facility’s local area network (LAN).  The device maximizes the utilization of available Internet bandwidth and optimizes transmission of imaging data in a cloud computing environment. Taking advantage of a revolutionary new data handling methodology, the device has shown sustained average speeds of 4.5 CT images/second and 8 MR images/second in benchmark testing over a 10mbps Internet connection.  Based on these metrics, distribution times of studies via a cloud environment will be reduced to less than one minute for a 100MB study.  The new Turbo Gateway™ ensures a high level of security without the need for VPNs and also provides built-in data validation, uptime monitoring, and fault tolerance.

Veteran healthcare IT administrator Gerald Burns, CIO for US Teleradiology, states, “Over the past few years, we have tested most of the gateway technologies on the market and nothing has come close to the throughput Accelarad has been able to achieve.  This will be a game-changer for cloud computing-based medical image management.”

Internet image transfer speed is becoming increasingly important as a growing number of imaging providers rely on cloud-based technology to communicate with staff radiologists in multiple locations, offsite teleradiology providers, referring physicians and outside institutions.  Radiology practices need the fastest, most streamlined image communications possible to compete in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Rapid, easy-to-enable cloud-based image communication will help many sites eliminate the costly and time-consuming production of imaging CDs and provide valuable real-time image communications for trauma transfers and tertiary referrals, resulting in enhanced patient care.

About, an Accelarad venture, is an online community for medical image exchange that is revolutionizing how imaging facilities, physicians, and patients store, share, and access medical images and reports.  Via a cloud computing platform, allows for easy collaboration and communication among health care providers and patients, dramatically improving access, costs, speed, and mobility of medical image exchange throughout the continuum of care. By fully complying with HIPAA privacy and security rules, safeguards total patient confidentiality.

About Accelarad
Accelarad, an Atlanta-based company, is a market leader in medical image cloud computing. With the launch of – its new online medical exchange community – Accelarad will continue to lead the industry, working with more than 800 facilities and 2,500 physicians, and processing more than 200 million medical images annually, serving as a  new model for the delivery of radiology services through its virtual radiology network (VRN).  Please visit or or call 1.888.883.4544 for more information.