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AccuReg Tracks NAHAM AccessKeys

Mobile, AL – A major development in patient access that is critical for patient access leaders, their hospitals, and their careers, is the release of the NAHAM AccessKeys® earlier this year.  The AccessKeys are a set of 22 key performance indicators covering several areas of patient access including collections, conversions, patient experience, process failures, productivity and quality.

AccuReg conducts an annual Registration Benchmark Survey, and for the past several years it was apparent to us that there was a serious lack of standards for how to measure patient access performance.  Finally with the NAHAM AccessKeys, there is a way for patient access leaders to track metrics in a consistent way, making it possible to truly benchmark performance against other hospitals.  Following the AccessKeys will help patient access leaders drive improved performance that will produce revenue cycle results and make a measurable impact on the financial stability of their hospitals.  The way we look at it, registrars make million dollar decisions every day.  It is critical that hospitals track patient access performance.

At AccuReg we have incorporated most of the AccessKeys into our product, where you can track and view these metrics in personalized dashboards.  There are many new exciting features to come that will further support the NAHAM AccessKeys!