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Active IQ Introduces Remote Invigilation with ProctorU Partnership

Birmingham, AL – Active IQ is leading the way in the UK active leisure sector for remote invigilation by partnering with ProctorU – one of the world’s most trusted businesses in this field. Accurate and secure proctoring (invigilation) is the cornerstone of a reputable and trustworthy awarding organisation assessment process. Traditionally, written theory assessments are conducted in groups under exam conditions. However, for the many people choosing to ‘earn and learn’ fitting their studies around a daytime job and busy home life, getting to a centre for their written assessment can be a struggle.

With ProctorU, Active IQ can offer learners the option to take their theory exam at a time to suit them at home. ProctorU employs a variety of proven security measures and stands up to scrutiny in terms of compliance. A close-up, one-to-one invigilation process, experts use advanced technology to watch and assess a learner in real-time as they sit their exam. Learners can be tested from any private location provided they have a solid internet connection, a webcam and mic.

The software is designed to spot suspicious behaviours that may indicate someone is cheating, reading notes or taking advice – with facial responses, body language and behaviour all closely monitored. At any time, the invigilator can request the learner to pan the room 360 degrees and if the invigilator sees any ‘red flags’ or an obvious breach of the exam conditions, they can stop the assessment immediately. The live assessment is also recorded enabling post-exam review.

ProctorU liaises directly with the learners being assessed after their centre has completed a supplementary registration process with Active IQ for this service. In so doing, it reduces the responsibility and burden on training providers to invigilate its students. By assessing learners individually, it also brings flexibility among student cohorts to enable those learners who are ready earlier to take their assessment to do so. There is a nominal charge of £17 per assessment completed via ProctorU which Active IQ will administer on behalf of their approved centres directly.

“ProctorU is a great use of technology that combines close scrutiny of learners with great flexibility for when they sit their assessment,” says Jenny Patrickson, Active IQ Managing Director. “We have looked very closely at this remote invigilation process and are confident it is fully compliant. If anything, the one-to-one close-up invigilation of learners is more thorough and trustworthy than having an invigilator in a room keeping an eye on a number of learners simultaneously and from a certain distance.

“Learners like the concept of remote invigilation as they can choose when to take their assessment at home,” continues Jenny. “With global invigilators on hand, people can sit their exams early in the morning, in the evening or even at the weekend to suit their work and family commitments. Response from our training centres and learners has been encouraging in our pilot and we are delighted to be rolling out remote invigilation to all our training providers, centres and adult learners.”

Source: ProctorU