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Grady Health System is Using Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to Help Patients

Atlanta, GA – When we think about safety net hospitals, the narrative often turns into one of facilities struggling to make use of limited resources to serve some of the most complex and challenging patient populations. Rarely do we align safety net hospitals with leading edge cognitive technology. But that is exactly what is happening at Grady Health System in Atlanta.

Grady Health System (Grady) comprises a network of providers, clinics, and inpatient services that combine to deliver care for metro Atlanta. The system has served the community since 1892 and acted as a healthcare safety net for a diverse and growing population. As of last year, Grady treated almost 41,000 adult and newborn patients admitted to the main hospital and conducted close to 500,000 outpatient visits.

Caring for such a large population requires innovation and focus. In 2016, system leadership wanted to find a way to better target resources and identify patients at risk of returning to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. These readmissions pose a real threat to patient health and provider viability. Government mandates focused on reducing preventable readmissions impose hefty fines for performance that doesn’t meet established thresholds.

“We landed on Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine,” explained Ben McKeeby, Grady’s Chief Information Officer. Cognitive Clinical Success Machine Technology leverages the same power as well know and established search engines and cognitive technologies that understand, reason, and learn. What makes Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine unique is its ability to drive patient-specific prioritizations, predictions, recommendations, and interventions that are precise, integrated directly into the clinical workflow, and delivered in a matter of weeks.

“The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine that Grady is using leverages self-learning Eigen sphere technology to deliver an ultra-high definition view into the future state of the patient. This view accounts for the tens of thousands of exogenous factors that impact a patient’s risk along with the clinical context provided during the episode of care,” explained Todd Schlesinger, Vice President at Jvion.

The machine is making a significant impact on a hard to reach and treat population. In addition to targeting readmissions broadly, the Grady team is using the cognitive science solution to specifically identify those patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Teams across the facility—from inpatient nursing staff to case managers and EMTs—use recommendations from Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to most effectively lower a patient’s risk.

“With Jvion’s solution we have a remarkable cognitive appliance that works as seamlessly as any diagnostic test to deliver the most precise and actionable interventions for our patient population,” said McKeeby. “This kind of technology is the future. And with Jvion, cognitive power is finally within reach for healthcare providers.”

About Grady Health System
Grady Health System is one of the largest safety net health systems in the United States. Grady consists of the 953-bed Grady Memorial Hospital, six neighborhood health centers, Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding, which is operated as a Children’s affiliate.

With its nationally acclaimed emergency medical services, Grady has the premier level I trauma center in the Metro Atlanta region and serves as the 911 ambulance provider for the city of Atlanta. Grady’s American Burn Association/American College of Surgeons verified Burn Center is one of only two in the state. And the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center is a Joint Commission designated Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Other key services include Grady’s Regional Perinatal Center with its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Georgia’s first Cancer Center for Excellence, The Avon Comprehensive Breast Center, the Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, and the Ponce de Leon Center – one of the top three HIV/AIDS outpatient clinics in the country.

About Jvion
Jvion delivers a Cognitive Clinical Success Machine that serves as a high-performance appliance for providers and the healthcare community. It activates recommendations that help healthcare providers who need ultra-definition patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions produced with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and verity. The machine delivers the action-level recommendations that will best reduce the likelihood of an adverse event. This capability is enabled by a cognitive engine driven by horsepower that is based on more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations and thousands of data elements. The machine’s thousands of self-learning Eigen spheres are applied to this data for each patient in real time to help hundreds of hospitals across the nation reduce target illnesses and diseases. Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine includes broad clinical application vectors that, when applied to specific patients, deliver individualized prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions within two weeks.

One of the reasons Jvion’s solution is independently ranked number one in clinical predictive science is because the machine is more than accurate, it is effective. Our approach mitigates the “accuracy fallacy” perpetuated within the industry by delivering a true picture of individual patient risk along with the actions that will lead to better health outcomes. Because Jvion’s machine works as a cognitive appliance, it plugs in directly to the existing Electronic Medical Record/clinical systems to deliver recommendations seamlessly into the organic workflow. Clinician and caregiver adoption of Jvion’s recommendations is accelerated because of the “on-demand” nature of the information. The machine outperforms and outsmarts even the highest performing predictive solutions/approaches available. And this performance hasn’t gone unnoticed; Jvion’s solution has won numerous external awards including designation as the #1 Predictive Provider in Healthcare by Black Book Market Research.

Source:  Jvion