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Jvion Launches Latest Cognitive Machine Vector Bedside Patient Rescue, Developed in Collaboration with Mayo Clinic

Atlanta, GA – Jvion announced today the launch of the company’s latest cognitive machine clinical success vector Bedside Patient Rescue (BPR). Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, BPR helps providers reduce unanticipated, avoidable deaths by more effectively identifying those patients at risk of deterioration and in need of acute clinical intervention. The vector works in real-time and incorporates previously unaccounted for data sources including patient frailty and hospital system measurements to drive risk outputs.

The BPR vector will be embedded within Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine as one of the thousands of existing vectors enabled by the advanced cognitive engine. BPR will be part of a growing list of clinical success vectors, which includes full-spectrum readmissions, infections such as surgical site infections and catheter associated urinary tract infections, cardiac episodes such as heart attacks and coronary artery bypass grafts, community-based care such as avoidable ER admissions and chronic disease management, and post-acute clinical applications.

BPR is a natural fit with the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine because the appliance enables a complete, cognitive view of the patient that is multidimensional and longitudinal. It is designed to “think” about every patient like a clinician does: as a complex individual who is constantly changing based on internal and external factors. Because the machine sees the full patient, it identifies inter-related risk and delivers recommended actions for the person, not just one adverse event or problem.

“The addition of the BPR vector to Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine will extend our ability to stop patient deterioration and save more lives. Working in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic team, we have developed something that is positioned to help countless patients and the clinicians who care for them,” said Shantanu Nigam, Jvion’s CEO.

Jvion was awarded the opportunity to work with Mayo Clinic as part of the Think Big Challenge held at the Transform 2016 Conference. The competition was designed to identify an aspiring company that could enable a Mayo Clinic technology and commercialize the solution. More information on the Think Big Challenge and award including the judges and process is available on Jvion’s website and archived resources.


Source:  Jvion