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Jvion’s Latest Cognitive Clinical Success Machine Version Release Changes a Provider’s Cognitive Purchasing Power

Atlanta, GA – Cognitive clinical science leader Jvion is rolling out the latest release of the company’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. This version of the leading cognitive clinical software includes new full-spectrum clinical success application vectors that take advantage of the ultra-definition patient view rendered by the appliance. These new vectors offer a way for providers to bundle target illnesses and conditions across specialties to drive more value and effectiveness through each individual episode of care.

“What we are doing is taking the advanced capabilities already inherent to our cognitive engine and applying new ways of embodying our outputs using enhanced, full-spectrum vectors,” explained Ritesh Sharma, Jvion’s Chief Operating Officer. “These full-spectrum vectors allow providers to take advantage of the breadth of our prioritizations, predictions, recommendations, and interventions and represent a shift in the way the industry understands preventative medicine. Rather than looking at adverse events in isolation (e.g. readmission, pressure ulcer, catheter associated urinary tract infection), providers are addressing risk holistically across multiple points of failure. Illness doesn’t happen in seclusion and risk is impacted by a large number of variables most of which are external to the individual and the current episode of care. Full-spectrum vectors empower providers to address the exogenous factors that impact the total health outcome for a patient and reduce the interrelated risk related to adverse events.”

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine has gained significant market share and recognition since first emerging on the healthcare landscape. The solution, which uses advanced self-learning clinical Eigen Sphere technology to determine the positive effective impact for each individual patient in a population, is helping hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinics. Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine leverages the massive set of complex, incomplete, and volatile healthcare data to deliver an ultra-definition, patient-specific view of predispositions, risks, and interventions in real time. This view accounts for the clinical and exogenous factors that impact a patient’s health to enable the most effective clinical action. The machine’s full-spectrum clinical success vectors will help providers across key specialties including: cardiac surgery, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastro intestinal surgery, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and pulmonology.

With the rollout of new full-spectrum vectors, Jvion is hoping to change the way providers think about specific adverse events and prevention. “By looking at an avoidable illness or condition like pressure ulcers within the larger context of the patient experience, we can impact other levers of need and drive down the likelihood of other forms of patient suffering,” explained Sharma. “Prevention shouldn’t apply to just one disease; it should extend to the full episode of care and beyond to result in the most effective and meaningful support for an individual.”

About Jvion
Jvion delivers a Cognitive Clinical Success Machine that serves as a high-performance appliance for providers and the healthcare community. It activates recommendations that help healthcare providers who need ultra-definition patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions produced with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and verity. The machine delivers the action-level recommendations that will best reduce the likelihood of an adverse event. This capability is enabled by a cognitive engine driven by horsepower that is based on more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations and thousands of data elements. The machine’s thousands of self-learning Eigen spheres are applied to this data for each patient in real time to help hundreds of hospitals across the nation reduce target illnesses and diseases. Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine includes broad clinical application vectors that, when applied to specific patients, deliver individualized prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions within two weeks.

One of the reasons Jvion’s solution is independently ranked number one in clinical predictive science is because the machine is more than accurate, it is effective. Our approach mitigates the “accuracy fallacy” perpetuated within the industry by delivering a true picture of individual patient risk along with the actions that will lead to better health outcomes. Because Jvion’s machine works as a cognitive appliance, it plugs in directly to the existing Electronic Medical Record/clinical systems to deliver recommendations seamlessly into the organic workflow. Clinician and caregiver adoption of Jvion’s recommendations is accelerated because of the “on-demand” nature of the information. The machine outperforms and outsmarts even the highest performing predictive solutions/approaches available. And this performance hasn’t gone unnoticed; Jvion’s solution has won numerous external awards including designation as the #1 Predictive Provider in Healthcare by Black Book Market Research.

Source:  Jvion