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MEDSEEK Management Reports Record Growth and Expansion

Birmingham, AL —MEDSEEK, the provider of the healthcare industry’s only enterprise strategic patient engagement and management solutions, today announced 2011 was the best year in the company’s 15-year history. The demand for MEDSEEK’s web-based patient engagement technology continues to drive the company’s success while the emerging need for advanced, predictive analytics promises to strengthen the momentum in 2012.

2011 saw increased demand for MEDSEEK’s digital health solutions from larger health systems and well over 100 hospitals selected MEDSEEK’s strategic patient engagement software suite to empower patients to engage in their own health. While two large HCOs, Banner Health and Scripps Health, selected MEDSEEK’s entire catalog of web-based patient engagement and management technologies, the number of hospitals opting to integrate more than one MEDSEEK product also increased. Notably, the year also saw a significant uptick in consumer website interest with 55 hospitals selecting MEDSEEK’s consumer experience to meet the need.

“MEDSEEK has enjoyed 15 years of steady growth, with 2011 as our strongest year ever,” said Peter Kuhn, MEDSEEK’s CEO. “The marketplace continues to see the value of our integrated strategic patient engagement and management tools. We expect this to continue as hospitals continue to look for ways to leverage digital health technologies to engage patients.”

MEDSEEK’s momentum was bolstered in May by the acquisition of Third Wave Research Group, Ltd., and its REACH3 division specializing in healthcare market intelligence and predictive analytics applications.

Of the acquisition, Kuhn added, “As a company, MEDSEEK has always strived to stay several steps ahead of the industry curve. With our investment in data intelligence applications and advanced, predictive analytics, MEDSEEK has taken another leap in assisting hospitals to engage, activate and empower their patient populations.”

MEDSEEK is in the process of fully integrating the acquired “disease propensity” pattern recognition software, known as ecoSmart, to its existing patient engagement software in order to provide hospitals the enhanced capability to find new sources of revenue and realize new cost savings. REACH3 continues to grow its client base and 2011 saw six hospitals newly engaging MEDSEEK to provide integrated, advanced data analytics.

Advanced, predictive analytics is also at the heart of MEDSEEK’s latest development, a browser-based Market Potential Analysis tool that produces an ePatient Engagement Propensity Index report. As with ecoSmart, the software uses the same propensity modeling technology as ecoSmart and accesses national databases to produce the index. The report can be filtered by a combination of several categories including zip code, a radius of the supplied location, propensity for medical conditions, level of Internet activity and connectivity, specialty services searched for and type of insurance coverage. Working with CONVERGE, MEDSEEK’s team of independent digital health consultants, hospitals can even upload patient data to find which of their existing patients are likely to engage online and how best to contact them.

“Hospitals are facing a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape,” continued Kuhn. “With healthcare reform and a shifting emphasis on risk-based reimbursement models such as accountable care, it is imperative that hospitals find ways to engage patients, discover new sources of revenue, and realize cost savings. Predictive analytics enables hospitals to meet these challenges by better understanding patient behaviors, needs and communication preferences, and MEDSEEK is committed to delivering the most advanced digital technologies to help our customers stay ahead of the competition.”

MEDSEEK continued to grow its footprint in Canada in 2011, closing the year by striking a partnership agreement with OnX, the Toronto, Ontario-based enterprise data center IT solutions provider. The agreement enables OnX to re-sell the entire catalog of MEDSEEK solutions and also provides regional support for MEDSEEK’s Canadian business. MEDSEEK software connects more than 5,000 Canadian physicians, providing a unified and complete view of nearly 6 Million patient records safely, securely and at the point of service.

2011 was a landmark year for MEDSEEK in other ways, as the company was recognized as a Microsoft U.S. Public Sector Partner of the Year and won the Frost & Sullivan North American Health Records Technology Leadership Award.

To learn more about why MEDSEEK’s technology is used by more than 1000 hospitals, and how it helps healthcare organizations meet the challenges of healthcare reforms and enables hospitals and health systems find, engage and empower patients, visit us in Las Vegas at HIMSS 2012, exhibit # 1345 or visit

Since 1996, MEDSEEK has focused exclusively on creating a 360-degree optimal eHealth experience for patients, clinicians and administrative staff by removing traditional integration and communication barriers, workflow roadblocks and redundant processes. Used by more than 1000 hospitals and health systems, MEDSEEK’s strategic patient and engagement and management solution and predictive analytics technology enable hospitals to execute enterprise-wide objectives by improving quality of care, uncovering new sources of revenue, informing capital expenditure decisions and generating meaningful loyalty among physicians and patients with a low-risk, high-return investment that leverages existing IT investments and infrastructure. For more information, visit or call 1.888.MEDSEEK.