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MEDSEEK Reaches Milestone with Solutions Spanning 1000 Hospitals in North America

Birmingham, AL — MEDSEEK, the industry’s only provider of the optimal 360-degree online healthcare experience, today announced that 1000 hospitals are using its eHealth solutions. The milestone marks a significant achievement for the Birmingham, Alabama-based company that, for 16 years, has focused on providing hospitals and healthcare organizations with strategic patient engagement and management solutions that enable the execution of enterprise-wide strategies to improve the quality of care across the healthcare continuum and establish meaningful loyalty among physicians and patients.

“Demand for MEDSEEK technology continues to grow despite the delay in Meaningful Use Stage 2,” said Peter Kuhn, MEDSEEK CEO. “Leading healthcare organizations realize that they can’t afford to wait to implement enterprise solutions that strategically engage patients and physicians, increase service line revenues and decrease costs.”

MEDSEEK’s enterprise portfolio, the eHealth ecoSystem, is comprised of an award winning patient experience solution, a KLAS®-leading clinical experience solution, a predictive analytics business unit and a suite of consulting services, including eMarketing, search engine optimization, strategic planning and eHealth outsourcing.

MEDSEEK’s solutions enable healthcare organizations to gain a significant competitive advantage by providing patients a comprehensive, 360-degree electronic health care experience; offering clinical, administrative, and marketing staff a more efficient and effective system for managing patient workflow; facilitating system-wide communication that enables affiliated physicians and staff to provide better patient service and reduce costs; and establishing a platform to more broadly manage risk and initiate next generation population health and disease management solutions.

Deployment of MEDSEEK’s enterprise solutions provides hospitals with a platform for near-term patient engagement to drive revenue and enhance capital spending decisions and more comprehensive long-term patient management to improve outcomes and quality of care while streamlining clinical and administrative operations.

“As the healthcare landscape continues to change, healthcare organizations face increasing pressure to raise revenues, reduce costs, improve the patient experience and strategically engage and manage patients and physicians,” said Peter Kuhn, MEDSEEK CEO. “MEDSEEK’s suite of solutions can leverage existing IT investments and unlock their potential to meet the demands of patients and physicians.”

MEDSEEK has rounded out its technology stack with the ecoSmart Patient Precisioning product, which utilizes predictive analytics on national, regional and local databases to provide healthcare organizations with the ability to make strategic decisions based on the propensity for its population to require specific services. The information gives healthcare executives the data needed to make sound decisions on the viability of new construction projects, to recognize areas of waste within the healthcare system and to accurately identify marketing strategies that will appeal to its demographics.

“Traditional hospital solutions only address the needs of acute patient interactions. On average, however, patients present in an acute state just 5% of the time,” Kuhn added. “MEDSEEK’s strategic patient engagement and management solutions provide a 360-degree experience to address patient needs before, during, and after their clinical encounter, which enables providers to effectively treat chronic conditions, manage wellness initiatives, build patient satisfaction and loyalty, and improve higher quality of care through education and collaboration.”

Since 1996, MEDSEEK has focused exclusively on creating a 360-degree optimal eHealth experience for patients, clinicians and administrative staff by removing traditional integration and communication barriers, workflow roadblocks and redundant processes. Used by more than 1000 hospitals and health systems, MEDSEEK’s strategic patient and physician engagement solutions and predictive analytics technology enable hospitals to execute enterprise-wide objectives by improving quality of care, uncovering new sources of revenue, informing capital expenditure decisions and generating meaningful loyalty among physicians and patients with a low-risk, high-return investment that leverages existing IT investments and infrastructure. For more information, visit or call 1.888.MEDSEEK.