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New SMR iPhone and iPad Apps Deliver Anytime, Anywhere Access to Medical Images

Atlanta, GA —  Already the fastest, most efficient, most universally accessible means of medical image exchange, takes remote image access to a new level with the introduction of its free, downloadable application for the iPhone or iPad. Users of the app can connect directly to the cloud and utilize a full range of search and image manipulation tools.

“This iPhone application creates an immediate, portable point of access in the palm of a physician’s  hand to monitor their patients’ images and reports from virtually anywhere at any time”, said Arman Sharafshahi, president of, “that translates into better treatment decisions and better patient care.”

By combining the concept of cloud computing with its proprietary technology, enhances collaboration by enabling institution and physician users to instantaneously access and share diagnostic quality images and reports through a single, comprehensive web portal, regardless of their geographic location.

“ was already in use and very popular with our surgeons—especially Neurosurgeons, General Surgeons and Orthopedists.”, said Carlos Carrasco, corporate director of business development & innovation at Orlando Health, “Use of the iPhone app is now really taking off because it especially meets the needs and demands of surgeons for medical image sharing in situations that can be a matter of life or death.”

“In addition to user flexibility and convenience, the new iPhone application enables institutions to triage trauma transfer cases before the patient ever arrives,” said Sharafshahi. “Having an accurate understanding of a patient’s condition in advance will enable better resource preparation, better treatment decision-making and better patient care.”

The new application is already in use at leading health systems across the country, including Orlando Health (FL), the University of Utah and Ohio State University. It is available as a free download from the Apple App Store here.

About is an online community for medical image exchange that is revolutionizing how imaging facilities, physicians, and patients store, share, and access medical images and reports through a single, comprehensive web portal. By applying the advantages of cloud computing, allows for easier and more efficient collaboration and communication between health care facilities, caregivers and patients. Members of the community have immediate access to full diagnostic quality images via the Internet in a HIPAA-compliant and secure environment, dramatically improving the speed, mobility, efficiency and quality of care while reducing the cost of medical image exchange. is in use by leading institutions including Kaiser Permanente, Ohio State University Medical Center, Orlando Health, University of Kansas Hospital and University of Utah Health Care among others. Learn more at

About Accelarad

Accelarad, an Atlanta-based company, leads the industry in applying the advantages of cloud computing to medical image transfer and access through its online medical exchange community— With over 11 years of experience in image transfer for teleradiology – Accelarad works with more than 800 facilities and 2,500 physicians in processing more than 200 million medical images annually, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of radiology services through its virtual radiology network (VRN).  Please visit or call 1.888.883.4544 for more information.