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ProctorU Has a New Look

Birmingham, AL – Education is changing, and ProctorU is leading that change. We have updated our look to something simple and sleek, yet powerful. We wanted our look to better reflect who we have become since our humble beginnings in 2008–the world’s largest online proctoring company.

ProctorU isn’t just an online test monitoring company anymore- we are much, much more. Our goal is to deliver a level of service that is constantly improving and always opening the doors to new services. We feel our partners and customers shouldn’t have to rely on a multitude of vendors to ensure academic integrity. With Ucard, our newly patented authentication process, and Uwrite, our fresh new plagiarism detection tool, they won’t have to.

ProctorU may look different, but we are still following the core principles that gave us our start and afforded us the massive growth that we have experienced over the years. We have simply added onto the ever-growing list of ways to serve our partners and customers.

Source:  ProctorU