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ProctorU joins Apple, Microsoft to Solidify Stance on Student Privacy

Birmingham, AL – Birmingham’s ProctorU has joined some of the nation’s largest school service providers including Apple, Microsoft and Google by signing a student privacy pledge that creates more accountability for sensitive student information.

The Future of Privacy Forum and Software & Information Industry Association developed the Student Privacy Pledge, which states that school service providers may not sell student information or target advertising based on behavior.

The Pledge also requires these companies to use data solely for education purposes and enforce strict limits on data retention while providing comprehensive security standards, among other things.
“We signed this pledge because student privacy is a priority. In order to make certain that student information is protected, proper training is ensured in the usage of data gathered during the proctoring or identity verification process,” said ProctorU President Don Kassner. “We take protecting the privacy of students very seriously. The information we collect from students—such as name, address and profile picture—is collected over a secure connection and only shared back with the schools.”

ProctorU has administered one million exams for test-takers in 75 countries and works with more than 500 institutions.