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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education is Here

Birmingham, AL – The Times Higher Education is warning that the extreme potential economic and social benefits of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, may be squandered if colleges do not prepare their students with knowledge about AI competencies and limitations.

“We need workers who understand how to make the best use of the power that AI automation can bring to industry and commerce.”

AI has the opportunity to change the way that education works in a big way. Since it is infiltrating many careers post graduation, incorporating AI into higher learning may better prepare students for the future.

A study by the research firm Research and Markets states that AI is projected to increase by 48 percent over the next four years. Personalized learning and adaptive learning are becoming huge players in the market, and AI goes hand-in-hand with that. How?

According to Education Dive, “software is already capable of tailoring instructions to students and identifying knowledge gaps based on interaction.” This could affect and improve how students learn on their own time by utilizing sophisticated chatbots that can respond to questions in real time based on deep analysis.”

The Next Web also identifies tutoring as another way that AI can break through in the education market. The article suggests that AI will be good at supplementing and complementing learning, not replacing teachers. “In the future, that means that a student won’t have to learn the same exact thing at the same exact pace as 30 of their classmates. Instead, we will be able to hone in on the areas where a student struggles, and tailor their lesson to help them through difficult topics.”

Yet another trend that AI is taking the reigns on is video games – some of them “intelligence-empowered educational games”- according to Campus Technology. These AI- infused education video games assist teachers with engaging and interacting with their students.

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