Benjamin Cobb

Benjamin Cobb joined Eastside in 2009 and focuses on the fund’s investments in B2B software, tech-enabled services and education technology. Most recently, he led the fund’s investment in TextUs.

From 2016-2020, Benjamin served as Executive Chairman of Meazure Learning, the global leader in online test development, delivery and exam monitoring.  At Meazure, he helped lead the company through transformative growth, the expansion of global operations, multiple rounds of financing and the acquisition of Yardstick Assessment Strategies in 2019.

Meazure grew from <$5M to >$85M in ARR during this time, resulting in the eventual majority recap of the business in December 2020, where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

Benjamin has been actively involved with fifteen Eastside portfolio companies, including Accelarad (acquired by Nuance Communications), Hygia Health Services (Stryker) and Medseek (Silver Lake).

Benjamin earned a BA in Economics from the University of Georgia.

He currently serves as a Director at TextUs, Meazure Learning, AllCloud, Rachio and Curiteva.

Benjamin Cobb
256.327.8777 ext. 112
Assistant: Kristen Clute

Current Director or Observer
Meazure Learning

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Areas of Interest
B2B SaaS
Tech-Enabled Services
Education Technology